Commercial ServicesCommercial Carpet Cleaning Services Include:




Carpet Cleaning


We offer three systems of cleaning. Choose standard wand (steam) cleaning, bonnet (dry) or our rotary restorative system, which produces the maximum level of deep soil extraction. You will be thoroughly satisfied with the results. These cleaning methods, in conjunction with the industries most advanced, environmentally safe cleaning materials and our highly skilled technicians, ensure that your carpets are as clean as possible. We Guarantee it !


Ceramic Tile Cleaning


Ceramic tile and grout are among the toughest cleaning tasks. Good results require specialized cleaning materials and process. In many cases rotary equipment will be utilized and the results are often amazing. Most of our customers say their tile floor and walls; “look like the day we had it installed”.


Vinyl Tile Clean & Buff


With the industries most advanced systems and materials, we can remove scuffs and minor scratches transforming your resilient floor back to it’s original luster.


Hardwood Floor Restoration


When your hardwood looks dull and you can’t seem to get it clean, it’s time to consider restoration. We can restore most hardwood floors to their original beauty. Until now, the only way to restore hardwood floors was to sand and re-finish. Our dust free restoration system is faster, cleaner and much more cost-effective. You will be amazed at the results. When properly maintained, your wood floor will last a life time.


Upholstery Cleaning


Different upholstery requires different cleaning techniques. Our technicians will recommend the appropriate cleaning method for your upholstery. We’ll also recommended a protectant to help keep your furniture looking great.


Service Contracts


We offer commercial service contracts both automatic or on call. We can design a customized system using a combination of cleaning methods, frequency and flexibility of scheduling all within your budget. Because we are IICRC certified, you can rest assured your carpets are being properly maintained.


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