Carpet Stain Removal

Carpet StainCarpet stainĀ removal involvesĀ a very specialized area of carpet, upholstery and other textile care. The effective removal of stains requires a careful assessment of the nature of the stain, the material affected by the stain, and the proper choice of products and techniques that produce the best results.

Many people try to do carpet stain removal themselves using a home remedy or something available from the local store. This may permanently damage their carpet or upholstery. Although some stains are permanent, the best choice is to blot as much of the spill with a clean white absorbent cloth and immediately call a professional who has the proper materials and training.

Carpet repair may be an option. In some cases the affected area of carpet can be removed and a patch from a remnant or closet can be grafted in so the problem area will be far less noticeable.


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